National Day of Prayer

Love One Another Image.jpg

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Beachmont Christian Ministries
6433 Mount Vista Rd, Kingsville, MD 21087

Join Christian leaders from the Baltimore region in prayer for our community. Why we gather:

GOSPEL. To reach a drifting generation with the gospel.

FAITH. To encourage the faith of believers.

FREEDOM. To loosen strongholds and walk in freedom.

UNITY. To strengthen by collaborating.

ACTION. To respond to the Holy Spirit starting with force multiplying prayer.

Morning Fellowship and Prayer (10:00-10:50)

See what God is doing across the Baltimore area during this introduction to other Christian leaders and organizations in our hometown. Prayer walk at stations to pray over leaders and areas of influence prior to the public gathering. Light refreshments will be served.

Program (11:00-12:15)

For the main event, please bring lawn chairs and blankets.

11:00 Star Spangled Banner and Opening Prayer
11:05 Introductions
11:10 Worship
11:15 Keynote
11:25 Community Revival Prayer
11:30 Christian Leader Prayers
12:00 Parent and Student Prayers
12:05 Worship
12:10 Concluding Remarks
12:15 Benediction