Summer Pool Staff Opportunities

(Weekends & Weeknights only)

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about their relationship with Jesus Christ, passionate about working with people and who will humbly serve the needs of the ministry.

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application process

Click the "Summer Staff Application" button below. Apply for "Swim Lessons." The application is broken down into sections that need to be completed. You can save sections and come back to work on them if needed. Each section must be completed before you can submit your application. Feel free to contact us with any questions at (410) 592-3648.


Certifications needed

Weekend/Weeknight Lifeguard
Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid/AED Certified

Weeknight Swim Instructor
WSI Certified/Lifeguard/CPR/First Aid/AED Certified


age requirements

Weekend/Weeknight Lifeguard
15 yrs and up

Weeknight Swim Instructor
16 yrs and up