Safety Procedures




We are a licensed day camp in the State of Maryland, and we adhere to all Maryland State Department of Health COMAR regulations for camps. We are inspected by the state and are in good standing!

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Background Checks

All paid employees must complete two forms of background checks (National and State fingerprint criminal background and Child Protective Services) as required by Maryland State regulations.



  • Medical:  All paid employees are CPR/First AID/AED certified.
  • Pool:  We have a large pool staff who are also certified Lifeguards and trained Swim Instructors.
  • Archery:  All Senior Counselors are certified Level 1 Archery instructors.


Pool Safety

Pool safety is very important to us. On the first day of camp, all campers are given a Swim Test to determine their swim level, as well as if they can swim in deep water. Every camper is given a wristband that allows the lifeguards to identify if they should be swimming in water that is above their heads.

Campers ages 4-5 swim in a roped off area that is only 3' deep.

As part of our program, every camper receives swim lessons. Campers are divided into different levels with trained Swim Instructors, while assigned lifeguards watch the pool from their stands.

Our 13 lifeguards practice water rescues and review water safety procedures with the pool manager throughout the summer. In addition to lifeguards, the state also requires "watchers" to be placed around the pool to ensure maximum safety. Counselors get in the pool with campers to play and to help supervise activities. This allows them to be close by if a camper needs help.

BONUS:  Some of our counselors are lifeguard certified, too!



We adhere to Maryland State Law regarding adult and camper ratios so that your child has a safe and fun experience while at camp.

  • Lifeguard: 1 Lifeguard per 50 children
  • Watcher (16 years old or older): 1 watcher per 25 children
  • Counselor and Camper Ratio: Maryland State regulations vary for the different age groups.  Here is a link to those regulations.

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Emergency Action Plans

All staff are trained in our emergency action plans before any campers arrive at camp. For security reasons, we will not post these online, but please know that there are specific steps that staff are trained to take when these plans are activated.

  • Fire Emergency Plan
  • Natural Disaster Emergency Plan
  • Weather Related Emergency Plan
  • Suspected and Active Shooter Emergency Plans
  • Evacuation Emergency Plan

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Child Abuse

Any form of child abuse will not be tolerated at any Beachmont Christian Camp activity. Our staff is trained in policies and procedures to prevent child abuse as well as how to report child abuse in the event that it occurs as required by Maryland State .


Medical Safety

Our medical program is endorsed by a professional licensed doctor as well as adheres to all Maryland State regulations. For each session of camp, we have a licensed registered nurse on duty to handle all health issues. We have a fully stocked nurse's office for any first aid needs as well as 2 AEDs on camp property (located in the gym and pool areas).