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Board of Directors

dave moyer, john connell, matt miller, jodi leubecker, Glenn Neumann, tom wenger, and bill manager



Bruce Graham: Executive Director

A Letter from The Executive Director

"Dear Beachmont Community,
I have a lot of great memories of Beachmont from my youth. Riding our church bus here for the sunrise service on Easter, warming up by the fire after a Round-up hayride in the fall, and of course all the summer memories from Teen Night, being a JC and later on a Senior Counselor. So many great experiences and so many great people, together made and continue to make Beachmont a special place.
When I accepted the job as Executive Director, it was very much my hope to help preserve and protect the things that are integral to Beachmont as well as to help guide it into the future, but it has become apparent that despite my history with and love for Beachmont, this position is not the best fit for me. Consequently, I will be stepping down as Executive Director at the end of May.
I would ask that you join with me in praying for the Board of Directors as they consider the best way forward from here. There are many challenges facing Beachmont as it moves into the future, but we know that God is sovereign and that the ministry here has been built and sustained by Him, through the gifts of time and money over many years by many people, including so many of you.
God is in control of this transition, as of all things. In Him we can and do trust, completely.
Yours in Christ,
Bruce Graham"

Joe Barranco: Program Director

Joe Barranco, a resident of Delta, PA, has been on Beachmont's staff for 13 years: 5 summers as a water safety instructor (WSI), 3 summers as a counselor, 1 summer as our assistant director, and 4 years in his current full-time position: Program Director.

Joe plays an immense role in all of our ministries, especially day camp and our school-year sports programs. From ordering supplies for day camp's arts and crafts to planning and executing P.E. lessons, Joe is the orchestrator behind it all.

Joe also has the responsibility of keeping our summer staff united and on track, which he handles with humility, grace, and a good sense of humor! 

Joe was first introduced to Beachmont through his older siblings who served on summer staff when he was younger. He came as a camper when he was 10 and 12 years old, and afterward he served as a junior counselor for several summers before taking a position as a WSI. He has been a part of our ministry ever since! 

When Joe was asked about his favorite part of Beachmont he said: the impact. "It's great to see lives change by what God is able to do through this ministry. You're able to see it in staff, campers, and JCs. All those things are just really neat to see over the years and how God continues to work." 

Deanna Arisman: Director of Operations and Administration

A resident of Bel Air, MD, Deanna Arisman has been on Beachmont's staff for 12 years: 3 summers of counseling and 9 years in the office full-time.

Deanna is currently Beachmont's Director of Operations and Administration, a role in which she helps plan and execute a myriad of programs throughout the year.

From managing registration to coordinating volunteers, her fingerprints can be found on nearly every event here at Beachmont. Our summer day camps and our corn maze in the fall are her primary areas of focus. 

Deanna was first introduced to Beachmont through our P.E. program back in 1999. Her teacher, Tim Barranco, inspired her to keep coming back. And she did! By 2006, Deanna was a P.E. teacher herself, and the following year she became a senior counselor.

In 2009, she was offered a job in the office, and we are so glad she took it! She has become an invaluable part of making our ministries what they are.

When asked what her favorite thing about Beachmont is, she responded simply: the relationships. "The relationship aspect is definitely what makes Beachmont what it is," Deanna said. "Between staff, campers, counselors, [junior counselors], it's a place that everyone comes back to and they just love Beachmont for that."

Pamela Badders: Financial Director

Pamela Badders, a resident of White Hall, MD, has been our Financial Director for the past 7 years.

Pamela oversees all of Beachmont's financial transactions and also doubles as our human resources specialist. No camper registration, time sheet, or program expense would be completed without her drive and focus. 

Pamela was first introduced to Beachmont through a family friend, who encouraged her to send her children to our P.E. program. Pamela decided to give it a try, and the rest is history!

Her family has been heavily involved with our ministries ever since. All three of her daughters are former counselors, and Deanna even works in the office right next door!

When Pamela was asked about her favorite aspect of Beachmont, she said it was witnessing. "I like being able to help and witness to people through my interactions with them. I just love the possibility of introducing them to Jesus through the whole process."


McKenzie Moyer: Office Assistant

McKenzie Moyer is a resident of Bel Air, MD.

She is responsible for answering numerous phone calls, organizing countless files, and scheduling many guest events. If you give us a call, you'll be greeted with her sweet demeanor and professional guidance. 

By having a broad understanding of our programs, she is able to answer a myriad of questions which would otherwise have to be transferred to their respective departments. 

McKenzie's introduction to Beachmont came through her parents. Her mother was a senior counselor in the '80s, and her father was our acting executive director for a period of time. As a camper, she went from group 6 through 10, and afterwards she served as a junior counselor for several years.

In the summer of 2015, McKenzie entered her first staff position as a General Assistant, and in February 2016, she began her office work before being hired full-time.  

When McKenzie was asked about her favorite part of Beachmont, she echoed a prominent response: the relationships. "I love the relationships that are formed through camp and the people that are here." 


Papa Jon.JPG

Jon Hofmann: Head of Maintenance

Jon Hofmann, affectionately called Papa Jon, is our Head of Maintenance and lives on Beachmont's property.

For 33 years, Jon has faithfully served Beachmont in a wide variety of areas from office work to our former roundups. No stranger to difficult labor, Jon's current position demands a vast array of skills.

From fixing electrical problems to ensuring our facilities up to code, Jon's handiwork can be seen all across our rolling landscape. 

Jon's introduction to Beachmont was through our founders, Paul and Maureen Twining. He first met Maureen after playing as an accompanist at a women's Bible club, and later the Twinings began attending Hereford Baptist Church where Jon was a member.

Jon became the church's organist and Maureen, the pianist. The two families have been connected ever since. When Beachmont grew large enough to require a full-time maintenance position, Paul asked Jon if he would be willing to live on-site and tend the property. Jon accepted, and he and his wife Joanne have been at Beachmont ever since. 

When Jon was asked what he loves about Beachmont, he said the diversity. "Because we're non-denominational, we get to see a wide variety of people interact who would never cross paths otherwise. Kids come from all different backgrounds, but they come together to worship and hear about God."