Our Guest Standards

In order to maintain our Christian testimony in the community and to accomplish the purposes adopted by our Board of Directors, guests are requested to adhere to the following rules:

  1. The highest standards of moral conduct are to be maintained.

  2. Immodest bathing attire will not be permitted. No two piece or bare midriff swim suits. To avoid embarrassment, please come dressed appropriately.

  3. There is to be no use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages or drugs on the property. Violating this rule will forfeit the use of our facilities.

  4. All activities are to be kept within the boundaries of the property.

  5. All areas are to be kept litter free.

  6. Abide by the swimming pool rules posted and everyone must obey lifeguard(s) on duty.

    • No immodest bathing attire permitted (no bikinis or bare midriffs)

    • Children must wear a swim diaper in the pool if not potty-trained

  7. Each person/group shall be held responsible for any breakage or damage deliberately caused through carelessness.

  8. Loud music is not permitted.

  9. No parking on the grass below the pool enclosure.

  10. Responsible leadership is required.

  11. Children must be supervised at all times.