Our Staff


Deanna Arisman

Operations Manager

Deanna keeps everything super organized and running smoothly. She has been involved at Beachmont since 1999.  When she isn’t working, Deanna enjoys spending time with her husband, Jacob, listening to Rend Collective, and finding pencils in the wild.

pam-lightsaber copy.jpg

Pam Badders

Finance manager

Pam handles all of Beachmont’s financial and human resource matters. She also ensures camp licenses and various certifications are up-to-date, and is most at home when searching for buried treasure and speaking to large audiences.


Joe Barranco

Programs manager

Joe oversees Day Camp and other Beachmont programs, and is responsible for hiring and training summer staff, developing devotions. In his spare time, Joe loves swimming, eating Delta Pizza, playing with his children, riding ponies with his wife, Nicole, and getting organized.


Ben Butanis

Director of marketing & DEvelopment

Ben oversees the marketing and development side of Beachmont. In his spare time, Ben enjoys traveling with his wife, Allie, tinkering with various projects, shooting things, and drinking Mountain Dew while playing far too many video games.


Allison Funkhouser

Administrative assistant

Allison serves as the welcoming committee and administrative support that we as a staff desperately need. Allison lives in Fallston with her husband, Ryan, their two sons, Logan and Rocco, and enjoys hugging blue bins, playing competitive games, and making others dance.


andrew scarff

facilities manager

Andrew oversees all facilities management and new construction on Beachmont’s campus. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife, MacKenzie, and their dogs, building various things and eating disgusting jelly beans.


Stewart walker

director of operations

Stewart oversees Beachmont's daily operations, strategic planning, and capital projects and serves as staff liaison to the Board of Directors. Stewart, his wife, Heidi, and their family reside on a farmette with a bunch of critters - both wild and domestic. His interests include trail running, hiking, history, and quality (Merino wool) socks.